Digital Signage Services (UK Rail)

Relaunching in summer 2020 on a brand new platform, the Digital Signage Services let you easily create beautiful web based live train arrival and departure boards for your workplace or public venue at or close to UK railway stations. The new platform merges Custom Board CMS and Direct functionality into a single application with new features including taking into account walking time from display location to platform level, the next fastest departures to specific destinations, and support for multiple stations on a single board. Powered by National Rail Enquiries and Darwin.EDGE by


Custom Board CMS

Standalone web based digital signage player combining the Custom Board feature with an artwork based content management system for the display of your own promotional material and customer information alongside live train departures • Opportunity to reduce the number of screens per venue by dual-purposing displays • Opportunity to engage with customers by drawing attention to your own promotional material • Time for dessert? With many train services running hourly the opportunity to increase sales by showing departures for the next two hours. To learn more, please see the User Guide.


Custom Board Direct

All display types of the Custom Board feature with an additional embedded display option for easy incorporation of output into presentations managed by 3rd party digital signage playout systems and services. Station board types include Arrivals and Departures, Departures Detailed, Departures Summary and Arrivals Summary for up to 30 services within 2 hours. Font size and background colour are configurable which together with pagination control can be used to easily optimise the board for your environment and display hardware. To learn more, please see the User Guide.

  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Departures Detailed
  • Departures Summary
  • Arrivals Summary

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