Digital Signage and Digital Beer Menu Hosting

Incorporating real time train information powered by Free to use close to UK railway stations.

Digital Signage is everywhere these days. In cafes, bars and restaurants, technology is rapidly replacing traditional menus and chalk-boards as the easiest way to manage frequently changing information. This application is a 100% web based simple digital signage solution, optionally incorporating a live station departure board to keep your customers informed whilst enjoying your hospitality and waiting for their train. The application comprises an easy to use content management system that will even work great on your smartphone or tablet, and the front of house "Display Window" that requires nothing more than a modern web browser and permanent internet connection.



Each instance of the application - a "Board" - is compiled of a sequence of pages, where each page is one of two currently supported types - "Signage" or "Beer Menu". All pages can be assigned a background image, and have editable "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) header and footer areas. Signage pages also have an editable central area but can be composed entirely of a background image, or combined with editable content as in the following food promotion:



Associated with each instance of a Beer Menu page is an easy to manage database of line items, with items selected as "On Now" displayed on the live page. Whilst initialised for beer, all column headings and display settings (including hidden) are fully configurable making it suitable for all drink types (Cider, Gins etc.) or even food. You can also choose to have line numbers displayed for easy ordering as in the following example:



To learn more, please see the User Guide.

Free usage options:

Option 1

Use this application with real time train information displayed.

Option 2

Use this application without real time train information displayed (pages displayed full screen width) and have a separate display dedicated to real time train information using Live Departures (Custom).

Free usage is by invitation only upon request. Please go to the Signup page to register your interest.

Not close to a UK railway station?

A subscription option will be available soon but you can Signup to start a no obligation evaluation with full screen width functionality right now. is a Netjective project